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As a results-focused, highly motivated, certified project management professional I provide cradle-to-grave management over projects and I’m skilled in creating win-win situations.

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My Story

In 2019, a tornado touched down in my city.  A place that had been deemed fairly safe from a natural disaster of the likes.  So, we set snug in the Miami Valley of Ohio. It was the valley that gave us that false sense of security. That fairly-safe-ness façade. See the belief was that tornadoes would blow passed or blow over us.  It was the valley that that one spinner dipped down in, tore through like mother nature’s own personal chain saw. That powerful winding wind collected and used metal and wood as it’s blades. Rumbling through and rolling over ever thing in its path. It destroyed more than houses. It changed and demolished lives and relationships. I don’t think anyone of us who lost our homes, our sense of safety, lost our way for a moment, will ever be the same. I know I’m not. 

Whenever there is a demolishing, there is a revealing. This seems so unfair. Because you have the actual physical clean up THEN the mental and emotional wash that demands your attention.  
After we lost our home, we were fortunate enough to have a place to go. We moved in with my son. Me, my husband, and my daughter.  We crammed a king size bed into a kid size room.  My daughter slept on the couch.  The thought of comfort, privacy, and seclusion was lost on an impossible list of what-do-I-do-nows.  Everything was in disarray.  Everything was out of order and unorganized.  I tried to plow through, but I could not find peace. 

Our foundational need, according to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, had been rocked. Our physiological need for shelter, warmth, clothing, and sleep had been stolen by a gusty villain in the middle of the night. Nothing matters if that need is left unmet. 

Whenever there is a demolishing, there is a revealing. I created Plan with Your Passion in Mind ( .  It is how I organized my thoughts in an unorganized time. It is how I made my peace primary and created a plan. It worked. That storm revealed my true wants. It exposed me and challenged me to do something. Personally, I’m a mother and wife, Professionally, I’m a project manager, and Passionately, I’m a writer. I created a simple method that allowed me to organize my thoughts in an chaotic time, plan for what I cared about, prepared for what I wanted and helped me to proceed with ease. 

Plan With Your Passion in Mind is a tool, a fillable pdf that allows you to organize your thoughts and build a personal plan.  Build Your New Beginning. 

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