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Fragile Pampas

PLAN for the PEACE of MIND

Your Life Your Way

End-of-Life Digital Package

Tell them exactly how you want that day to be. That day might be decades away but planning and telling your family and close friends now what you want the day to be relieves some of the future stress your family and friends. Free them from having to hurriedly and gawky plan your memorial.

The Your Life Your Way


A digital package of your wishes that will eliminate any and all confusion about what YOU want.  The Your Life Your Way A zip file and/or flash drive neatly packaged with what YOU want your services to be. The Your Life Your Way Memorial service let’s you select the pictures. You select your own music.  You can outline how you would like the order of service.  This package include a call tree so your family members would know who YOU would like contacted.

  • Initial Caring Consult

  • Up to 25 pictures

  • Up to 5 Songs

  • Template Set

    • Call Tree

    • Program (Editable)

    • Order of Service

    • Service Participant Contact Template

    • Thank Yous


Email of the package to 5 people of your choice.


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